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5 Older Adults in a Traditional Single-Family Home

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Comfortable & Secure Traditional Home Environment:

Eden Care's Homes look and feel like your own home. We offer both private and shared bedrooms with accessible baths and common living spaces with open floor plans for safety and careful monitoring. We believe that our traditional home environment allows our residents to adjust more easily.  Whether the person is moving from their own home or a larger facility, we do all we can to help our residents feel safe, secure and “at Home” in their new home. 

Personalized Care & Services:

Eden Care’s certified caregivers provide highly personalized, supervised help with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as mobility, dressing, bathing, toileting & incontinence care, medication administration/reminders and monitoring, housekeeping, linen, and laundry services.  We serve nutritionally balanced, home-cooked meals and snacks prepared by our certified caregivers approved by our Registered Dietician.  Meals are served family-style to promote resident and staff interaction and stimulate appetite – research suggests that eating together increases dietary intake. 

Exceptional Caregiver to Resident Ratios, Highly Trained & Dedicated Caregivers:

Serving only five (5) residents per home, Eden Care Homes maintains the highest caregiver to resident ratios in the industry! Every member of our collaborative direct care team is State Certified to provide personal care and support for older adults.  Our intimate care setting and extensive caregiver training and appreciation program promotes caregiver retention, therefore our caregiver turnover rates are extremely low. Eden Care’s Specialized Continuing Education Program ensures that our caregivers receive the ongoing training and support needed to provide the highest quality of person-centered care to our residents.

Personalized Activities & Therapeutic Programs:

Eden Care Homes' Quality of Life Program is based on the individual interests and abilities of the residents in each home.  Activities are facilitated daily by the certified caregivers and may be done as a group and/or one-on-one and incorporate a variety of therapeutic modalities such as art, music, nature, aroma and reminiscence therapy.  We also offer a variety of therapy programs lead by Certified Therapists. Our Certified Music Therapist actively engages with our residents through music from their era. We have a fitness program lead by our Senior Health and Fitness Trainer who works individually and as a group with our residents to restore and maintain physical strength and functional ability. Additionally, we have a Certified Cognitive Therapist who provides MnemeTherapy, a unique form of cognitive or “brain therapy” to promote and mental function by stimulating neuroplasticity.

Access to Nature & the Outdoors:

Eden Care’s homes feature beautifully landscaped, secure accessible yards with easy access to outdoor living areas with large covered patios and paved walking trails, raised vegetable and flower gardens, and multiple shaded sitting areas to encourage residents to spend time in nature.  Regular access to the outdoors has been shown to provide greater enjoyment in life, lower stress levels, and positive changes to overall physical well-being by fulfilling the human need for interaction with nature.

In-Home Physician, Nursing, Therapy & Other Services:

Each Eden Care Home is supervised by an experienced Registered Nurse who monitors the residents’ health status and coordinates in-home visits from a variety of other health care professionals, including physicians, home care nurses and therapists, when skilled medical needs arise. We also have in-home salon and spa services available. These include hair stylists, barbers, manicurists/pedicurists, massage/therapeutic touch and other therapists are available to provide in-home services to our residents.