Eden Care Homes was established in 2011 as an
alternative to facility-based care for older adults. Eden Care offers the comfort and familiarity of a traditional family home combined with 24-hour assistance with all activities of daily living provided by certified caregivers. At Eden Care older adults can receive the same intimate, loving care they would receive in their own home. Best of all, Eden Care Homes limits occupancy to only 5 residents! 

Eden Care' home are located in quiet residential areas and appear no different than any other house on the block. Because Eden Care Homes are traditional family homes, that more closely resemble the resident's own home, enabling the person to adapt more easily and empowering our caregivers to provide a level of person-centered care that is difficult to achieve in larger settings.  

Eden Care’s smaller home environment creates a sense of familiarity and belonging for the residents, their families and caregivers alike resulting in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages interaction. At Eden Care, residents and caregivers get the opportunity to really get to know and enjoy the companionship of one another, forming a close-knit "family".  All "family members" contribute to the home's daily routine and a household rhythm based on the individual needs and preferences of all naturally develops.


Eden Care Homes is locally owned and operated by an experienced Registered Nurse with close to 25 years of experience caring for older adults in a variety of health care settings including Assisted Living, Home Care, Hospice Care, Intensive/Critical Care and Medical Surgical Care.

 Unconditional Love 

Shannon is a Licensed Residential Care and Assisted Living Administrator and has experience as a Home Care and Hospice Administrator, Certified Alzheimer Educator through the National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care (NCBAC), Certified Dementia Practitioner, Certified Dementia Care Manager and Certified Alzheimer’s and Dementia Instructor through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP).

"There are no words to express the appreciation our family feels for your loving care and enabling my aunt to age with dignity and comfort in such a beautiful setting. Each of you is creating your own individual start in Heaven - you are angels here on earth."


 Shannon L. McClure, RN

Owner and Founder

(405) 285-5983

As a community-based nurse and healthcare administrator, assisting older adults to safely remain in their own home has always been a source of great satisfaction for Shannon.
However, too often, circumstances would arise where this was simply not feasible and a patient would be left with no choice but to leave the comfort and familiarity of their home and move into a large care facility. This is what motivated Shannon to establish Eden Care Homes to offer older adults the same intimate, loving care they would receive in their own home.


Making a Difference, One Family at a Time...

​​There's No Place Like Eden Care Homes

​​Celebrating 10 Years of Serving Oklahomans

"My connection to Eden Care is through my friend of over 52-years. Thanks you so much for providing for her needs these past couple of years, giving her dignity within her limits and caring for her with unconditional love."


​​​24-Hour Assistance with Activities of Daily Living for up to

5 Older Adults in a Traditional Single-Family Home